martedì 8 aprile 2008


Was born in 1947 in Cagliari, Sardinia’s capital, in Italy.He has been working in the artistic field since the early 1976s and has attended several etching courses. In his Poliart/Studio print shop he has continued his research on both ancient and experimental techniques. He has collaborated with the professor of the History of Drawing, Etching and Graphics at the University of Cagliari, giving practical lessons in calcographic techniques to the students.He organizes courses in ancient and experimental etching.His artistic research is not only on etching but he also explores other techniques in the fields of contemporary art. His earlier experiences as a painter started as gesturial painting defined as “Optical awesomeness and lyrical ideograms...” (Neoinformalism), arriving up to and all but crossing over the almost prohibited threshold of tridimensionality and the sculptorial.It was later said “What he is performing is a kind of research that runs backward through the recent history of the visual arts, leading him to a fusion of two antithetical ways of considering painting: one that wishes to escape from the two dimensions of the work of informalistic inspiration and another, more rational approach that comes from the trend towards the Cartesian and geometrical...”He constructs his works using the widest possible variety of media: from canvas, panels, wood, paper, plastic, resins, glues, ropes, quartziferous sands, to metals such as iron, zinc, copper, aluminium, lead, tin and resins such as colophony, wax, tar and corrosive acids to obtain special cromatic and material effects.He designs and binds artistic books, creates static, self-moving or sound installations.He has been invited to national and international events of artistic multimedia INTERACTIONS and Performing Arts, video and installation laboratories.In 1999 at the POLIART/STUDIO he founded the Centre of Experimental Graphics and Copperplate Engraving.From time to time he organises exhibitions of contemporary art in his studio.He has had many solo exhibitions of paintings and copperplate engravings both in Italy and abroad.His works are present in many public and private collections.His studio is in Via Università 61, 09124 Cagliari (Italy); E-mail address: